Patine sur cordovan / Patina on cordovan

Encore en train de jouer aux apprentis sorciers!!

Nous vous avions présenté  la semaine dernière notre première paire en cuir de cheval patiné, aujourd’hui voici un second test très concluant d’une patine verte sur le patronage du Rennan.

Ce cuir brut se patine de façon particulière mais les couleurs ressortent très bien et la tenue des couleurs est exemplaire

Today we are still testing our very special horse leather!!

Last week, we presented you a new patina made on horse leather, and today we are trying out a new patina on the same type of leather. We choosed our double monk « Rennan » for this very glossy green patina.

Raw horse leather is very particular and we have to use other technics for the patina, but the result is just as good as with calf leather. The colors are great and they don’t fade.

Brut / Row

Le résultat / The result


À propos de Septième Largeur

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6 responses to “Patine sur cordovan / Patina on cordovan

  • Bertrand

    Magnifique. Pouvez-vous nous donner un ordre de prix pour ce futur produit?

    • 7L

      Difficile à dire, pour le moment nous testons différentes techniques de teintures. En ce qui concerne le prix cela va dépendre des quantités de cuirs que nous allons pouvoir commander (le cuir de cheval est plus rare mais également plus compliquer à monter). Cependant nous aimerions rester en dessous des 350euros (patine incluse).

  • Björn

    Where and when will Rennan be up for sale?

    • 7L

      God Dag,
      The Rennan (double monk) is already on sale at our Show-room in Paris but only in box calf leather. The Rennan in horse leather is still in the early stage of development.
      So far we do not have any stockists in Sweden but we aim to build a network of retailer around Europe (if you know good stores in Sweden don’t hesitate to tell us the names, we will contact them).
      Back on the topic: You will also be able to purchase the Rennan online soon. We are currently making the final readjustements for our brand new website which will be enterily dedicated to Septième Largeur. ( We will tell you on the blog when our new online store is up)

      Med vänliga hälsningar

  • Björn

    I´ll get back to you with good stores/shoemakers.

    I have two other questions:

    Will Rennan be available in Suede?

    I´m intersted in both Vadillo and Rennan. My feet are 27,2 cm long. What size would fit in these two different styles?

    best regards

    • 7L

      First of all thank you for your kind offer, If you have some ideas to where we should be in sweden, it will be greatly appreciated.

      As for the Rennan in Suede Leather, I think we will make this version after the hot season, so probably beginning of September or October.

      For your feet my first guess would be a size 8. Usually we try to have the same fitting as our colleagues from Northampton (so if you’re a size 8UK with them, chances are big that you will also do an 8 with us)

      And if the size you ordered is wrong, you can always send the shoes back (as long as you haven’t walked with them outside) and we will provide you with a smaller or bigger size as fast as possible.

      Best regards

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